The Exploratory Major

The Exploratory major is designed for students who are not yet ready to select a specific departmental major. Recognizing students who are Exploratory require additional information, assistance, and support from a staff of experienced academic advisors, The Advising First Center for Exploratory Students has been established to offer these services and regulate student’s progress until a departmental major has been selected.

Because of the nature of academic mapping at Florida State University, it is imperative that students identify potential majors as early as possible in their academic careers.  Academic advisors working with Exploratory students utilize a set of comprehensive and tangible tools that have been established to help students progress in the major selection process.  The "STEPS Program" (an acronym for "Students Taking Exploratory Paths to Success")  uses a developmental academic advising approach leading to specific "steps" to move forward  until ready to declare a departmental major.  Students are expected to be active participants in their major selection process and to complete the specific steps between advising sessions.

Please note that academic advising for Exploratory students is mandatory.  It is our expectation that by fully engaging in the advising process, students will be able to move from Exploratory into a departmental major by the end of Term 3.