Emily Manning

Emily Manning.jpg

Emily Manning – College Life Coach

Education: Bachelor of Arts in English and pursuing a Masters in Social Work 

Time with Coaching Center: This is Emily’s first year as a College Life Coach

Professional Achievements: Presenter at Region IV NACADA Conference, Relay For Life Committee Chairperson

Favorite quote: "The direction of our lives is mostly determined by the voices we respond to" -Steven Furtick

Favorite place in Tallahassee: The beautiful beaches. Just kidding. Any place that is dog-friendly.

Favorite aspect of coaching: I love the idea of being an advocate for a student's success. No matter what happens in the course of a student's college career, he or she can rest easy knowing there's at least one person in their corner; navigating through life's tough moments is more manageable knowing you have someone willing to hold the compass..

Advice to Students: Sometimes we inadvertently give insecurities power over our lives. It's important to remember not to compare your "behind-the-scenes" with someone else's "highlight reel".