Samuel Lloyd

Samuel Lloyd

Samuel Lloyd is the Assistant Program Manager for the Center for College Life Coaching and is responsible for assisting in the management of students, coaches, and carrying forward the mission of the Center. Samuel works one-on-one with students and also supports other College Life Coaches in providing the best coaching practices to students. Additionally, he works to promote the growth and show impact of the coaching center at the university through sustained campus partnerships, presentations and trainings at various local and regional conferences.

Samuel's passion for education and learner development spans beyond the Coaching center. He has worked with CARE as a coach, tutored at the Reading Writing Center, and currently serves as a co-instructor with Bryan Hall Living Learning Community and as an advisor with the Garnet and Gold Scholar Society. Samuel received his Bachelor's degree in English from FSU in 2009, a Master's degree in English Education from FSU in 2014, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Instructional Systems.

He is a native of Jacksonville, Florida, and his free time is spent either playing guitar or relaxing with his cat, Jerry.

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