Major Exploration

Once greater self awareness occurs, students enter the Major Exploration phase and begin to connect their self knowledge to academic options. At this point in the journey, the Exploratory advisors will point out emerging themes and translate this information into a list of possible majors. Exploratory students learn where to research academic majors and minors and how to sift through information to develop a deeper understanding of departmental requirements.

Below is a list of action steps and online resources that assist students with major exploration:

1) Visit the FSU Career Center and investigate the many resources available to help understand career options associated with different majors. They are located in Room 1200 Dunlap Success Center and can be reached by phone (850) 644-6431.

2) View the Academic Program Guide to review program descriptions, academic maps, and department links for all majors at FSU.

3) Access FSU’s General Bulletin to read course descriptions for every major at FSU.

4) Identify occupations that relate to specific majors through the Career Center’s Match-Major sheets

5) Locate academic advisors using the Advising First’s Find Your Advisor or the Advisor Search tool . Schedule a meeting to learn about the crucial information regarding specific majors at FSU.

6) Visit the FSU or Bill’s Bookstore to peruse the aisles of textbooks for courses from majors of potential interest.

7) Check out electronic books (ebooks) related to the major selection process, such as College Majors Handbook With Real Career Paths and Payoffs: The Actual Jobs, Earnings, and Trends for Graduates of 60 College Majors by accessing the FSU library database .

8) Conduct a major search utilizing The Princeton Review or the College Board to find pertinent information regarding majors and careers.

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