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Pizza and a Major Workshops, Fall 2014
Presented by Advising First and The Career Center

Are you ready to start the process of choosing your major, or are you currently in a major that may not be the right fit?

Join us to learn more about the tools and resources used at the Advising First Center for Exploratory Students and the FSU Career Center to help you declare your major with confidence!  You’ll walk away with a better understanding of yourself, majors and careers to research, and the relief of knowing that you’ve already started this process!


Self-Exploration: Applying your values/interests/skills to major and career decisions.
Our self-exploration workshop will launch your major and career decision-making journey by helping you determine how your current values, interests, and skills translate into a major and future career.
Location: Dunlap Success Center, room 2201/2202
Time: Tuesday, October 7, 7:00 p.m.
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Major Exploration: Learning your MAJOR options!
With over 130 majors at FSU, knowing what’s out there and narrowing down your choices can be challenging. With the support of online resources and both academic and career advisors, let us help you understand how to research your options and explore the majors that match your values, interests, and skills. The search for your perfect major begins now! So, come on out and let us assist you in kicking off your exploration journey! You might leave saying: "WOW! I never knew about that major!”
Location: Dunlap Success Center, room 2201/2202
Time: Tuesday, October 14, 7:00 p.m.


Career Exploration: Matching Majors to Occupations!
Don’t know how your major matches potential occupations? Join us in our Career Center scavenger hunt to identify occupations that match your major – both the typical and the non-traditional. Learn how you can make yourself more marketable to future employers by looking at transferrable skills, internships, and gaining work experience.
Location: Dunlap Success Center, room 2201/2202
Time: Tuesday, October 21, 7:00 p.m.

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