Advising Centers

FRESHMEN STUDENTS: Center for Exploratory Students, William Johnston Building (WJB) ground floor

All Exploratory freshmen and first-year students who are “re-deciding” their major should visit the Center for Exploratory Students, located on the ground floor of the William Johnston Building (WJB).

For students in the Exploratory major, the year at a glance details the type of programming and support an exploratory student receives during their first year of the major exploration process. Freshmen students should contact their Center for Exploratory Students advisor for all advising support until the end of the drop/add period in their third term. If a student remains in the Exploratory major after this period, they will transition to the Center for Academic Planning (CAP) for Exploratory advising.

If you would like additional information on the Advising First Center for Exploratory Students, please contact:

Program Manager

SOPHOMORES & ABOVE: Center for Academic Planning, University Center A 3200

Should an Exploratory freshmen stay in the Exploratory major after the drop/add period of their third term, they will receive advising services by the Center for Academic Planning (CAP). Exploratory sophomores will work with a CAP advisor throughout their third term in order to declare their major by the end of the semester.

Any sophomore, junior, or senior who is declared in a departmental major but is “re-deciding” their major can visit the Center for Academic Planning. Using the STEPs program, CAP advisors support students in declaring a new major with confidence.

The Center for Academic Planning also works with individuals who are looking to transfer to FSU and have questions about majors and the transfer process.

For additional information on the Advising First Center for Academic Planning, please contact:

Program Manager

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