First Year

For students in the Exploratory major, the year at a glance details a semester by semester outline of the type of programming and support you will receive during their first year of the major exploration process. You should contact your Center for Exploratory Students advisor for all advising support until the end of the drop/add period in your third term.



If you would like additional information on the Advising First Center for Exploratory Students, please contact:

Delilah Thomas
Assistant Director, Advising First Center for Exploratory Students


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Orientation Advising
At the very first academic advising session held at Orientation, Exploratory students are asked to identify their top areas of academic interest. Every student receives individualized attention from an academic advisor who crafts schedules that blend academic exploration with Liberal Studies and Term 1 Mapping requirements for majors under serious consideration.


Exploratory Launch Event
This event, held during the first or second week of the semester, provides a complete picture of the freshman Exploratory experience. Students are made aware of the program requirements, expectations for engagement, and receive major selection materials. Exploratory students connect with their assigned academic advisor and schedule their first Nole Call academic advising meeting.


New 'Nole Advising
New 'Nole Advising is the mandatory advising session where the academic advisor reviews the completed  Majors and Occupations Form and online assessment results. This information is then translated into a list of potential majors, and the student is charged with tangible action steps to fully explore their customized major and career options. 


Pizza and a Major Workshop Series
This signature workshop series (fall semesters only) offers innovative and interactive programming to engage students in their exploration. Each week targets one of the three phases of discovery (self, major and career). Students fully participate in this fun learning opportunity, which always concludes with free pizza. Past activities have included Major Jeopardy, Career Scavenger Hunt, Pack Your Values, Speed Communicating, and Vision Boarding. 


Spring Registration Meeting
At this session, students discuss their thoughts and reactions from their initial action steps and present their narrowed list of majors. The academic advisor recommends specific coursework for the spring semester to further explore these possibilities, as well as a new set of major/career related action steps for deeper exploration. 

(Note:  Summer Admits)

Students admitted for the summer session can get a jumpstart on their exploration by attending a summer Exploratory kick-off event and complete their New ‘Nole Advising appointment appointment. The July Jumpstart event also offers a variety of hands-on experiences to introduce new Noles to self, major, and career exploration. Summer students who do not complete their New ‘Nole Advising appointment in the summer must schedule this mandatory advising appointment for the fall semester.


Semester 2 (Spring)

Guide to Decide
The Guide to Decide includes specific events/tasks identified by the Exploratory advising team proven to deepen the major discovery process. Students are required to complete three actions on the list prior to their next advising meeting and be ready to reflect on their experiences


Summer and Fall Advising Meetings 
By this point, many Exploratory students have declared their majors with confidence, however, students who require additional time may stay in the major through fall of their sophomore year. These meetings are designed to address any remaining challenges with choosing a departmental major, or prepare students to enroll in any final prerequisites needed for admittance into their major of choice. 

(Note:  Spring Admits)

Exploratory students starting FSU in the spring semester will start the Exploratory process with their mandatory New ‘Nole Advising appointment this semester – see Semester 1 details.