College Life Coaching

The College Life Coaching program at FSU offers students the unique opportunity to maximize their potential both personally and academically. Our team of College Life Coaches offer personalized, one-on-one biweekly meetings designed to put FSU students in the best position to achieve their goals. By partnering with a coach, students can discover ways to strategize their pursuit of academic and personal success, gain meaning from their experiences, and add to the legacy of the campus community. As many students attend FSU with big hopes and aspirations, the College Life Coaching program exists to make these dreams a reality.

In addition to biweekly meetings, College Life Coaches work closely with academic advisors and campus partners to create a network of success for students who participate in the program. Students who take advantage of this offering express higher levels of satisfaction with their overall college experience, and achieve some of the highest GPAs on campus.


Our philosophy is:

  • The student is the expert! College Life Coaches will work with students to pursue goals and opportunities that align most with their interests.
  • The student experience includes exploring! College is a moment in one’s life to explore new possibilities, discover things about themselves, and take risks! The world is our oyster and we want to help students unlock their greatest potential.
  • The student experience is dynamic! Did you know your degree is only one line on your resume? For that reason, College Life Coaches work with students to find their unique path at FSU to create an experience that they can brag about on their resume.
  • The student experience is unique! No two students will have the same experience. Therefore, College Life Coaches are available to strategize your unique path at FSU.

Common topics of collaboration for coaches and students include:

  • Networking for future opportunities
  • Strategizing for success in and out of the classroom
  • Developing leadership and life skills
  • Setting professional and personal goals
  • Self-coaching for future endeavors
  • Establishing community at FSU in a personal way
  • Exploring any other topics important to the student

The College Life Coaching Team

The Advising First Center for College Life Coaching is located on the ground floor of the Johnston Building near Landis Green. Eleven full-time coaches work with approximately 1/5 of our incoming first-year class or about 1,300 students. Each College Life Coach has a roster size of about 110-115 students.

Additionally, there are four coaches who serve second-year students within the CARE program. These highly trained College Life Coaches endeavor to establish a connection with each student that will encourage them to get the most out of their time here at Florida State University.

The Coaching program’s efforts have since been recognized by the National Academic Advising Association and earned the First Award of the Region 4 Excellence in Advising Award for an Advising Program in 2017.