College Life Coaching

College Life Coaches are dedicated to helping students get the most out of their college experience. Pre-selected students will meet with a coach one-on-one twice per month, for the academic year. Each coach is committed to student development and success. Coaches work closely with academic advisors and other campus partners to support students in achieving their personal, academic, and professional goals. Our College Life Coaches work with students in the following areas in order to support them in maximizing their college experience:

  • Improving effectiveness in and out of the classroom
  • Connecting students to the campus community
  • Building life and leadership skills
  • Creating balance and managing stress
  • Boosting self-confidence and developing goals for the future

The College Life Coaching Team

DSC00230.JPGThe Advising First Center for College Life Coaching is located on the ground floor of the Johnston Building near Landis Green. In this centrally located facility, 12 full-time Coaches work with approximately 1/5 of our incoming freshman class (about 1,300 students).

Each College Life Coach has a roster size of about 110-115 students. These highly trained coaches endeavor to establish a connection with each student that will encourage them to get the most out of their time here at Florida State University. The Coaching program’s efforts have since been recognized by the National Academic Advising Association, and have earned the First Award of the Region 4 Excellence in Advising Award for an Advising Program in 2017. In the Coaching Program, coaches believe that students are the experts in their own lives and therefore allow the students to be the authors of their successes. Students who actively engage in this program average higher GPAs than their peers, stay at the University longer and express higher levels of satisfaction with their overall college experience.

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