College Life Coaching FAQ

How was I selected for this program?

The Advising First Center for College Life Coaching works with many groups of students; some of those groups include first-year students who are from out of state, living off campus, receiving Pell grants and scholarships, and admitted in the spring semester. We also provide coaching to second-year CARE students.   Students in the groups above benefit from our program the most. Students are not selected based on high school or past academic performance. We as coaches are hoping for more students in the future, but space is limited.

Is this program mandatory?

Our program has conducted research on the outcome of students who participate in coaching for the last decade. Our research shows students who actively participate in the coaching program reported higher satisfaction rates in their overall college experience. First-year students are highly encouraged to attend Kick Off and a couple of meetings before declining. All second-year CARE students are expected to participate in coaching to maintain their CARE status.

What will we talk about?

Whatever you choose! We take pride in meeting you where you are and want to support your academic, personal, and professional goals. We do discuss common topics such as classes,  time management, campus involvement, health and wellness, finances, etc., but we are also a great connecting point to offices on campus specializing in those topics. Read more about Coaching Expectations. To get the most out of your experience, it would be beneficial to think about some topics that you would like to discuss; present it in your meeting and enjoy the journey. 

Where are the individual meetings?

We have College Life Coaches located in the William Johnston Building (WJB) and the CARE office at the Thagard Building. Typically, first-year students will meet at WJB and second-year CARE students will be at Thagard. Click here to learn more about the coaching locations. Contact your coach if you have questions. 

Please note that the safety of our FSU community is important to us. Due to COVID-19, meetings will take place virtually for Fall 2020.

How often do we meet?

Individual coaching meetings take place every other week for the academic year. You and your coach will schedule a 20-25-minute recurring meeting that fits your schedule. 

What happens if I can't make my individual meeting?

In the event you cannot make a scheduled meeting, please contact your coach as soon as possible. They will work with you to reschedule. Coaches typically have over 100 students on their roster, so it is important for students to be proactive when they are unable to meet with their coach. First-year students could forfeit their time slot after two missed meetings. Second-year CARE students should work with their coach to address the missed meeting to maintain their CARE status.

How are coaches selected?

Our coaching staff come from diverse backgrounds and is comprised of individuals with bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Coaches are here to support student transitions and are actively engaged in the advising community at the local and national levels. They are rigorously trained and continue to engage in professional development opportunities to better serve students.  

How did I get matched to my coach?

All students are randomly assigned to a coach. Each of our coaches is trained and experienced in meeting the student where they are and embrace all backgrounds.

Are the coaches undergraduate students or volunteers?

No, all the coaches are full time employees of the university. Each coach has a bachelor's degree and several of them have a master's degree. However, some coaches choose to take graduate classes part time to continue their education.

Do you offer anything outside of individual meetings?

Yes, the College Life Coaching Center offers a variety of programing and often partners with other campus offices. Some include our Kickoff and SociaNole. Click here to see our programs .

How did I get matched to my coach?

All students are randomly assigned to a coach. Each of our coaches is trained and experienced in meeting the student where they are and embrace all backgrounds.

How do I participate in the coaching program if I am not initially selected?

Students may be referred by a campus partner or can be self-referred. Students not selected for coaching can work with a coach by attending virtual walk-in hours or completing a coaching application. For more information, go to our Interested in College Life Coaching page.  

Will my coach share what we talk about with anyone?

While coaches are not a confidential source, they do maintain the privacy of students. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibits staff from sharing student information with others, including family. Coaches may only release information with the student’s expressed/written consent. 

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