College Life Coaching FAQ

How was I selected for this program?

Students are selected to participate in our program at random.

Why was I selected?

The College Life Coaching Center works with many groups of students; some of those groups include students who are freshmen from out of state, living off campus, receiving grants and scholarships, and admitted in the spring semester. We also provide coaching to second year CARE students. Based on the feedback from past students, these groups received the most out of our program.

Is this program mandatory?

Yes and No. All second year CARE students are expected to participate in coaching to maintain their CARE status. While the program is not mandatory for other groups, students are encouraged to attend Kickoff and a couple of meetings before declining. If students are interested in making the most out of their time at FSU, they owe it to themselves to invest their time into our program. It may be beneficial to think about some topics that you would like to give your attention; present it in your meeting and enjoy the journey.

Was I chosen for this program because of my high school performance?

Absolutely not! We do not review any academic information when selecting students for our program.

What will we talk about?

Whatever you choose! We take pride in meeting you where you are and want to support your academic, personal, and professional goals. We do discuss common topics such as classes, campus involvement, finances, etc., but we are also a great connecting point to offices on campus that specialize in those topics. Read more about Coaching Expectations.

How often do we meet?

Individual coaching meetings take place every other week for the academic year. You and your coach will schedule a recurring meeting that fits your schedule.

How long are our individual meetings?

Your coach will reserve a 30 minute slot on their calendar for you, but most meetings will last 15-25 minutes.

Where are the individual meetings?

We have College Life Coaches located in the William Johnston Building (WJB) and the C.A.R.E. office at the Thagard Building. Typically freshmen will meet at WJB and sophomore students will be at Thagard. Contact your coach if you have questions.

What happens if I can't make my individual meeting?

In the event you cannot make a scheduled meeting please contact your coach as soon as possible. They will work with you to reschedule. Coaches typically have over 100 students on their roster so they strive to be as flexible as possible.

Are the coaches undergraduate students or volunteers?

No, all the coaches are full time employees of the university. Each coach has a bachelor's degree and several of them have a master's degree. However, some coaches choose to take graduate classes part time to continue their education.

Do you offer anything outside of individual meetings?

Yes, the College Life Coaching Center offers a variety of programing and often partners with other campus offices. Some include our Kickoff event, SociaNole, Student Success Conference, and Team Coaching. Click here to see our programs .

How did I get matched to my coach?

All students are randomly assigned to a coach. Each of our coaches is trained and experienced in meeting the student where they are and embrace all backgrounds.

Do I have to be selected to participate in this program?

No, you do not. We have expanded our program by opening spaces for students not selected on a first come, first served basis. Students may be referred by a campus partner or can be self-referred. Space is limited, and students will be required to commit to the program for the duration of the academic school year. If you or a student is interested in receiving a coach, click here to fill out an application.

Will what my coach and I talk about be shared with my parents?

No, all students sign a Privacy Policy stating we cannot share any information discussed in meetings.

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