STEPS Program

The STEPS (Students Taking Exploratory Paths to Success) Program is a structured process formulated to move students from a place of academic indecision to declaring a major with confidence. Based on leading research in the field of higher education, it consists of three distinct phases of discovery: self exploration, major exploration, and career exploration.

Within the Self exploration , the cornerstone of the major selection process, students work to identify their values, interests, and skills. With the help of their academic advisor, they begin to translate these into potential majors and possible careers.

Major exploration involves comprehensive research to discover the specific prerequisites, academic coursework, and experiential learning opportunities (i.e. research, internships, and service) associated with majors at the Florida State University.


Career exploration encompasses a comprehensive understanding of an effective transition from the collegiate experience to the world of careers beyond graduation. Working through these three phases culminates in sound decision making, full academic engagement, and overall success.

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