Sophomores and Above

Who Does the Center for Academic Planning (CAP) Serve?

Current Exploratory Students
If you remain in the Exploratory major after completing your second term, you will receive advising services at the Center for Academic Planning.

Major Exploration and Reselection
If you are declared in a departmental major in your third term or above (sophomore, junior, or senior year) but you need assistance deciding on a new major, CAP advisors can help you explore your options. At your CAP advisor’s discretion, you may be allowed to change into the Exploratory program temporarily while you become eligible for your major of choice.

Prospective Transfer Applicants
Students who are hoping to transfer to FSU from another institution but who are not sure what major to select* can receive advising from the CAP office to help narrow down their options.

*Students who know what major they want and have questions about the requirements for entry should reach out to their intended major directly - CAP is strictly a resource for exploration.

What Should I Expect in My Meetings With CAP?

During your first visit to the CAP office, an advisor will review your academic records, ask questions about your goals and interests, and narrow down a couple of majors that may be a good fit for you. If you and your CAP advisor identify a major that you are immediately eligible for, you will be provided information about how to declare.

If it is determined that you need to remain Exploratory after your initial appointment, your CAP advisor will help you develop a feasible plan to declare your major in a timely manner. Our goal is for students to become eligible for major declaration within 1-2 semesters of joining the Exploratory program.

For every term that you are active in the CAP program, you will be required to meet with a CAP advisor at least once to discuss your progress toward major declaration and plan out your course schedule for the following semester.

How Can I Prepare for My Meeting with a CAP Advisor?

We encourage you to do a bit of introspection before visiting the Center for Academic Planning, focusing specifically on your academic and professional goals. By having ideas in mind, our advisors can more effectively help you determine the appropriate action steps you can take now and in the future to accomplish these goals.

When trying to determine what major is the best fit for you, think about the following:

  • What major will help me achieve my short-term and long-term educational and career goals?
  • What do I value?
  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • What makes my life and work meaningful?
  • What subjects did I enjoy studying the most?
  • What subjects did I learn with the greatest ease?
  • Where have I had successful experiences?


In preparation for your appointment at the Center for Academic Planning, please reference our Student Advising Resources page for tools and materials to help focus your exploration.

How to Meet With Our Office


Current FSU students can schedule an appointment with our office through Campus Connect.

  • If you are already an Exploratory major, select the advising category "CAP: Student Last Name [your last name]."
  • If you are currently declared in another major, select either "Major Exploration: 2nd Year and Above" or "Major Exploration: BACH."

Prospective transfer students should email our office at, or call us at 850-644-3430, for assistance scheduling an appointment.

Drop-In Advising

CAP offers drop-in advising where students can meet with an advisor without needing an appointment. During Summer 2024, drop-in advising is hosted Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 1:00pm-4:00pm. Current students and prospective transfer applicants can join us in person or via Zoom.

University Center A3200